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B.A.S., R.P.A., C.M.A.(aus), C.B.A.

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File your income tax returns with Roche Financial Group

Competitive rates, maximum tax savings, and experience with audits and appeals... What more could you ask for when filing your Toronto income tax return? At Roche Financial Group, we're tax professionals first. We look at your complete financial picture with a complimentary financial review. This dictates how we interpret your circumstances when filing your income tax return.

Come into Reliable Accounting & Tax Services today and speak to Roma A. Hewitt about your Toronto income tax return.

Toronto Income Tax

It's not too late! We do income tax filing all year round. 
Get your Toronto income tax filed with precision and in a timely manner.

Guaranteed Service.

If you are assessed any penalties
as a result of our work, we’ll pay them. 

Year-Round Availability.

We’re there to help you plan
next year’s tax strategy.  We’re there if you have any problems.  We’re there to discuss your business, investments
and retirement plans and explain the tax consequences of
the alternatives.

Specialized Training.

Our professionals are constantly
updating their knowledge.  They know all the questions to
ferret out every last deduction you are entitled to and
when to seek advice from their in-house Professional
Planners, or even Head Office.

Full-Family Approach.

Since the status of other family
members can seriously affect your taxes we are interested
in the whole family.  It can be worth a lot.

Complete Service.

Finances are more than just Personal
Income Tax.  Roche offers Financial Planning, including
our own unique computerized system.  Also offered is our
own-design fully computerized Accounting System for
small businesses.